Open Borders: Open as open minded, not as open spaced

29 11 2007

Some time ago this blog was started and allready the limitations of the whole blogconcept give rise to some new questions and problems. As stated in the About-page, the aim of this space is to be open and public for everyone, to be free to act and think with the same possibilities for all. Litteraly, this means that actually everybody should be able to be administrator of this site, or nobody should be. But after figuring out how the whole blogging-system works here, there still seems to be an unequal initial position for the current administrator.

The admin seems to become some kind of little god of this virtual mirco-universe, able to manage  and control the action around here. Unwillingly the admin gains a certain power that he wasn’t looking for in the first place. On the contrary, he actually wished to open up (or better: derange) some limiting boundaries between people, places and practices and offering a space where they could be presented and represented equally. The plan aimed to open the space and let it live it’s own life through the strength of the interested participants and contributors, idealistically even without having to sing up for the blog.

But look here at the result and see that it’s not so easy to try to go public all the way at once. The ‘public’ seems to be necessarily constructed within the limitations of the game of the private administrator. The public dimension of this initiative only seems to stand with the grace and goodwill of the administrator. Isn’t there a way to escape this process of creating unequal standards and positions within this initiative??? Maybe it’s due to the limited knowledge of the possibilities within cyberspace or my bassal computerskills, or does a public dimensions always needs a tension of inequality to appear?

This reflection gives rise to a 2sided call:

1) Are there other possibilities or platforms to accomplish in a better way, that what was attempted here through this blog? (without having to pay for it or to possess a huge amount of serverspace?)


Theorethical stuff

29 11 2007

All kinds of papers, texts, articles, theories, … about the public function or alternative conceptualisation of higher education are more then welcome in this categorie. So please don’t feel shy to post anything you think is relevant.


29 11 2007

This area is supposed to be the platfrom where everybody can post their visions on the public and alternative practices in universitarian sphere or comments about other peoples visions . If so, something will come out. Right!?